Most modifications including wheels and tires are not as “simple” as most people make them out to be. Customers many times think the aftermarket world should be as fast as taking your car or truck to the local tire shop or dealer .Well it is not that simple.

The real process does not go as smooth or as fast as YouTube, google, or people on forums tell you it should take. Remember we are on the east coast, salt belt area. We have Vehicles here that are 5 yrs old and rusted as if they were 20yrs old on the west coast. Bolts need to be broke to get the parts off, parts bond together and so on.

Many times people think that they are getting a “good price” and the technician is very fast at what they do. I can not even count anymore on how many times these so called “cheap and fast”  guys screwed things up. Thousands of people out their know exactly what in talking about.

Ashland Tire and Offroad gets the job done right the FIRST TIME!

Note: If you are planning on getting a lift kit expect it to be here between 2-5 days if everything goes smoothly! If your vehicle is your daily driver and your only vehicle plan on getting a rental car.