Snap Finance - Apply Here

The financing is pretty easy. It actually is really simple. We have just wrote up an explanation of what many people ask, and just to explain how things are done. It is snap financing. ( It is a lease to own. You will have a certain number of payments for a determined amount of time from snap. (they do not want your items back at the end and they do not charge you at the end of the lease to get your items. You pay the last payment and the items are yours) We can send you the app. to your phone if it is a smart phone, (we need your phone number), You can text 20349 to 48078, to your e mail, (we will need your e mail), or to the private message in face book. (you need to send us a PM). You need to have a traditional checking account and have it open for at least 90 days ( having a wal-mart or pre paid credit card or check cashing account through walmart will not work) be at least 18yrs old, and have at least $1000 going into it a month. If you get financing, you pay a $39 processing fee that you pay separate from the financing. You will pay us that $39.00 fee that goes to snap. We take cash and charge. We do not accept any forms of checks. (this includes credit card checks). If payed over the phone with a card a 3.25% is added on top of the $39.00 because for some reason the credit card companies see that as high risk. The $39.00 fee and payment schedule does not start until you e sign the documents which can also be emailed to you. (You can get approved and not use the financing or pay the $39.00 fee until you are ready to use it with in the 90 day time frame) You can get approved for up to $3000 with an addition 10% allowed to be added. (we add the 10% in when we do the invoice) So, you can potentially get $3300. You have 90 days to use the financing if you qualify. After that you would have to reapply. ( You may not get the same amount). It is a soft hit on your credit not a hard hit. The system is designed to automatically take money out weekly from your checking account, but as soon as you e sign you can call the 877 number and change the payments to every other week or once a month. You also have different options to pay it off. One option is to pay it off in 100 days and you pay back only what you barrow.

You do not need to use all of your financing money at once. Parts/labor can be purchased and if you want something else later in the week we will just re open the application, create a new invoice, have you e sign again, and all is good.)

Once you get approved for what ever amount it may be. (and you want to move forward) We create an invoice that needs to be written up 60/40. 60% parts and 40% labor. So, sometimes your parts will show higher than they are because that’s how snap tells us we have to do it. (Your price that we quoted you is still the same price). We will then send you the invoice through e mail (which will be the one you give snap). Once the invoice is e signed, it is a couple of days until the financing goes through and then all parts are ordered and sent here. Parts have different arrival days depending where they are coming from.

When filling out the application. Fill it out honestly and truthfully. You MUST fill out the personal and bank information for the application to go through. (for some reason people think they can skip these steps and still get financing). If you do not the system will keep kicking you out and telling you it is in a pending situation. You will need your last deposit, what day you want the funds taken out, if you have any direct deposits, etc. So, have all your bank and personal info with you before you start.

Snap is their own company. They do not report to the credit bureaus for paying on time or paying late. You can contact snap at the end of your lease and ask them to write a letter to the credit bureaus for paying on time to help boost your credit that way. (you have to personally take it upon yourself though to make it happen). You can always contact snap during their business hours to ask any technical or more in depth questions if need be. Their number is. 1-877-557-3769

If you have filled out a snap application somewhere else and got financing. That is ok. We can import your approval to our snap portal. (EX. – If you filled out snap for furniture you can change your mind and use it towards buying new wheels, tires, a lift kit, etc). If you filled out a snap application anywhere in the US we can use it.

I hope this answers your question/s. If not let me know what is unclear.