About Us

We opened a shop in Ashland Ohio in February 2019. We want to stay here and grow. The idea is to bring “real” automotive fabrication to the east coast. We are a small shop with tons of knowledge and advise for those who would like it.

We want to give everyone a place they can go and get aftermarket parts for their vehicles. We take major pride in what we do and are NOT your typical corner or box store tire shop. Most of what we do here takes time meaning waiting in the waiting room watching a movie on your phone isn’t enough.

Yes we do install normal car and truck tires here also. We are geared more towards that person who wants to stand out in a crowd or just wants a sweet set of aftermarket wheels and tires.

We also do fabrication. The time it takes to do the job right is the time it takes. That’s it! Do you want the job done right or “just done?” In this aftermarket business you really do get what you pay for and that’s that.

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About Mike

Like most cars, trucks, bikes and other loud and fast things I had a love for fast and loud cars and big trucks. As far back as I can remember which is when I was about 6 or 7 years old, I would go and work on cars with my dad. I kept my mouth shut and just watched what he did and asked hundreds of questions when I was confused or curious about something.

I learned by doing and watching in the field by a man that was very, very talented with cars and making them go fast by knowing how to put the correct combinations together and not just ” throwing” parts on because that’s what everyone was doing.

By my mid 20’s I was sick of Ohio and moved out west to Arizona. There I learned how to do CRAZY fabrication on trucks, Jeeps, race trucks (BAJA 500,1000, etc..) and gear swaps. After being out west for years I decided to come back to Ohio.

I stayed on the down low for some years and decided to come back out and play! I want to bring the “cool” aftermarket fabrication stuff that most people only see on tv or at SEMA to the east coast.

I owe my talent to my parents and especially my dad who was a total gear head from the beginning of the muscle car era. I am a no BS kind of guy and tell you like it is weather you want to hear it or not.